Nexus Engine

Nexus Engine is a semantic search engine implemented in Java under MIT license. The engine currently is in development stage and it doesn't have any release. The purpose of this project to develop a software what can answer basic questions without the question or answer would be pre-programmed or forced in any source code or file. It should be like Cortana or Siri but much more flexible and open source. For this nearly impossible goals this software has to contain a Crawler, a Parser, a Scheduler, WSD implementations, Lesk implementation, and a WordNet.

All software purpose is replace the human work by automation processes. Today, a software can sell (webshop), tracking data (ERP, CRM, Marketing tools), talk and aid (Cortana), find anything (Google), but they have to be controlled by users. If a program could think like a human then it could take the control over automated software. Like Cortana does with applications. If it was bigger and more complex then the software industry would achieve its goal. Nexus Engine is a good experiment and small step on this long way.

The goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play. - Arthur C. Clarke

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