Magento deployer

Easy deployer script for Magento eCommerce CMS on UNIX systems.

Repository: on the GitHub



You should have three folders in your webroot directory:

  • persistent: The non-versioned files of Magento like shell, core, etc. You should put these files into this folder at once.
  • releases: It is an empty folder. It contains the releases from git repository by this deployer script. Do not touc h to this folder.
  • links/media and links/var: It contains the big files, images, caches, etc what are non-versioned files.


  • If your directory structure is done, run the script by: bash
  • The Script will create a new version folder with a timestamp name in the releases folder.
  • Your git project will be cloned to new version folder.
  • Your persistent folder will be merged into new version folder (by copy).
  • Your links/media and links/var folders will be linked into the new version folder.
  • The script will create a link with name current what point to your new release folder.