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The OctoBot and AllasPajtas

Allas-Pajtas is an almost funny hungarian phrase what means Job Chum.

OctoBot is a search engine what collets the hungarian job offers from the Internet. The name OctoBot is came from Octopus Robot. OctoBot looks for the job offers in every day and it verifies the previously collected job offers. The OctoBot sends the new and modified job offers to a remote web server lists from more thousands job offers by this way.

Technical details

It is a software system from two main components. The one of them is a unique crawler engine in pure Python. This crawler schedules the searching tasks, collects the job offers and sends them to a remote job-searching web page. The another part of this software is a Laravel based PHP web application This web page has a JSON interface what receives the data from the remote crawler/search engine. This project was a research for search engine technologies to examine and compare the speed of the development, the exception handling and the concurrent processes of Python to the Java's.

Production version (non-english):