Ajax Login and Register - Magento

Login and registration without reload page? It is possible by Youama Ajax Login & Register module. Minus one page loading, your customers can spend more time to shopping in your store with this quick access solution.

Users can login and register via two drop down windows by this Magento Module. The server side validating methods work in background by Ajax technology. When user send data and these data are all corrects the module redirect user to Profile page or the current page - you can setup this feature on admin page. This module remove Magento's old register and login pages by redirecting user to homepage and show up automatically the login window.

Repository: on the GitHub



  • Two animated drop down layer for Login and Registration process.
  • Responsive (It works on tablets, phones, TVs and desktops)
  • Send data via Ajax.
  • Loader animations while Ajax works in background.
  • Removed default Magento Login and Register pages (by redirect).
  • Settings page in admin: System -> Configuration -> Youama -> Youama Ajax Login and Register page.

About Install

  • Disable Reindexing, Cache and Merge JS-CSS options before install.
  • You can install this module via Magento Connect feature or you can paste the package's files to the Magento's directory.
  • Logout from admin and relogin.
  • Clear and Flush all Cache.
  • Disable jQuery library of YouAMA in Settings page of YouAMA if your Magento has already jQuery framework by themes or modules.
  • If you have premium template you should move youama template and skin from base/defaul to your {{premium-template}}/{{default}} folder.

Under the hood

  • If you want to change the design of this module you have to edit only two files: skin/ frontend/ base/ default/ css/ youama/ ajaxlogin/ ajaxlogin.css and app/ design/ frontend/ base/ default/ templates/ youama/ ajaxlogin/ ajaxlogin.phtml
  • Never delete the original classes of phtml file. You can add more new classes.
  • Maybe, it will not work on default XAMPP based developer localhosts because of rewrite engine is disabled in XAMPP.
  • This module has two main versions, one for the old Magento templates and one for the new 1.9 based Madison Island official Magento template.